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Optional Add-On's


(only the engine bay area, takes approx. 30-45 minutes for service)

- Cover sensitive components such as alternator, ECU, throttle body, air filter, open intakes, etc.
- Low pressure pre-rinse, apply degreasing/cleaning solution
- Agitate with brushes, gently rinse out (repeat if necessary)
- Blow out / hand dry, then apply protective dressing to any plastic covers

PRICING: + $40 added on with any basic wash or detail service


(only on selected surfaces, takes approx. 30 min - 2 hrs depending on the areas)

- Spot clean & pre-treat any stains / heavily soiled area(s)
- Apply cleaner shampoo, brush/agitate
- Extraction of water/shampoo solution from surfaces
- Blot excess moisture using clean microfiber towels
- Allow further air drying of treated areas (if needed)

PRICING (+ each, may be added onto any basic wash or detail service) :

- Removable Floor Mats (non-rubber) . . . + $30
- Fabric/Cloth Seating (driver, passenger & rear seats) . . . + $50 - 100
- Carpeted Interior Floor Linings (front & rear + cargo area, if needed) . . . + $50 - 100


(only interior cabin area, takes approx. 30 minutes for service)

- An odor neutralizing, fogging spray
- Treatment circulates through main cabin + HVAC system
- Customer must give us a few hours advance notice if this treatment service will be requested*

(FULL DISCLAIMER: we can NOT guarantee the full or complete removal of all smoke/pet/urine/heavily offensive odors from an interior with using just this one treatment alone. It's may sometimes be necessary to perform a full shampoo extraction of all fabric surfaces + a secondary fogger treatment to remove stubborn, persistent smells) **

PRICING: + $20 added on with any basic wash or detail service

(please be sure to take notice of the disclaimers above!) *


(all exterior black plastic trim pieces, takes approx. 20 min - 1 hr for service)

- Restore faded black plastic trim on the vehicle's exterior
- Over time the sun & elements will damage these black trim pieces
- This treatment will turn faded, grey/dull plastics back to their factory bold, black hue
- We'll apply 2 treatment coats if necessary to achieve optimal results!

PRICING: + $20 - 40 (will vary based on amount of trim/vehicle size)... this can be added onto either basic exterior service


(for both left + right side assemblies, takes approx. 1-2 hours for service)

- Over time, plastic headlights can lose optical clarity
- Cloudy, hazy, oxidized, yellowing or UV damage
- All these defects can result in weaker/reduced low or hi beam output

- Revive headlight assemblies back to crystal clear again
- Increase lighting output & drive safer at night
- The restoration process involves deep cleaning, a multi-step wet sanding, polishing and a final coating w/ an ultra-clear protective sealant

- Total time needed to complete both left + right sides will depend on severity of defects, size of headlamp assemblies and other variables*

PRICING for one pair of headlights... only $100!

(we offer this service by itself, as a stand alone product - OR - it may also be added to any wash/detail)*
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