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About Mr. Petey Auto Detailing

Thanks for visiting, we would ❤️ for you to know a little bit more about us & some of our core values ...


Mr. Petey Auto Detailing is a professional mobile car wash & automotive detailing company. Our menu of services start from lower tier options, and this will be our "BASIC" level exterior/interior vehicle cleanings. Higher tier cleaning options are the "FULL SERVICES", these are the most in-depth, comprehensive detailing services that we do. We also specialize in "MULTI-STEP PAINT CORRECTION" services + offer some optional detailing add-on's including: engine bay cleaning, carpet/upholstery shampoo treatments, black plastic trim restoration and headlight lens restoration services.

Areas we service: NYC (all 5 Boros) + LONG ISLAND (Nassau & Suffolk) + WESTCHESTER COUNTY

We're a mobile operation & will come to you, wherever that might be. It won't matter if your vehicle is located at a single-family home, an apartment complex, at your office or place of business, or even if the vehicle gets parked on the street... we got you covered!

No matter which type of wheels you're currently driving, this isn't an issue - as we will always welcome -


(Please note: that with some complex corrections; or for clients preferring to drop a vehicle off to us, we may extend an offer for some jobs to be performed at our base location, a small garage space in Queens, NY...

This is avail. on a case-by-case basis only. Exact address TBD) 


Here at Mr. Petey Details, we pride ourselves in going above & beyond to always provide every customer with remarkable, stellar results - and a clean, glossy shine. Top-notch performance & consistency in our washes, details & paint correction work have quickly set us apart from others... We also purchase and use only high quality, name brand automotive detailing solutions/products on every job, plus most cleaning agents that we use are eco-friendly and biodegradable as well!


We have over 5 years of advanced knowledge in washing, detailing and polishing autos - the correct way. Expertise, combined with a warm, friendly attitude are just a few things that our clients appreciate. 

From humble beginnings, we still remain committed to providing a higher-level service quality & an impeccable attention to every minor detail.

Our customers always receive an experience that is one of the utmost conveniencecomfort, full transparency and respect at each step. Professional skill, patience and dedication to our clients are just some aspects of (what we believe) - makes us so very unique.


The company's journey began in the spring of 2023, when owner & lead detailer, Pete R. was experiencing a lack of available work in his other field - TV production management. However an ongoing writer's union strike was causing a longer (than usual) break in gigs. It was also around this time, he began coming to a realization freelance television work wasn't offering certain opportunities and entrepreneurship. Things he had long been wanting...


Ever since getting his drivers license at 17 years old, Mr. Petey has always loved working on the various cars that he's owned. Putting in the countless time & effort in learning how to properly fix/maintain, detail clean and polish all of them up.


Having done quality auto detail jobs as a lil' side hustle on friends, family, neighbors and his own vehicles and this was now - for many years running - it just felt natural to further expand on this passion.

With frequently more & more people stopping by to inquire about his meticulous work being done on the city streets, it felt like perfect timing. Soon deciding to open a small business.



No matter which detail package or level of service being performed - we strive for pure excellence in the work we do and the complete satisfaction of all our customers. We'll clean up & refresh every type of interior or exterior condition. From a car that is coated in light pollen/dirt, all the way up to trashed paint with scratches, baked on bugs, dirt and grime. Excessive pet hair, sand, stains in your interior - we handle it all

We're always more than happy to discuss any of our services + give personalized recommendations to customers - especially those who may not be completely sure of which service(s) they may want and/or need done to their vehicle.


Mr. Petey Details embraces the fact that every client & their vehicle will be unique in regards to their individual specific needs, desired outcomes and budgeting.


Contact us today to discuss or to book a scheduled appointment -- and come see firsthand, how we provide more than just convenience, we are offering a completely new experience to the mobile detailing world!

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